These are multi-purpose sugars that not only add flavour to food and drink but are also ideal for many uses.We offer a wide range of pack sizes at affordable pricing to cater to the different customer and consumer usage requirements. These are available in a wide range of pack sizes that come in pillow packet formats that are sold in bales to our authorised dealers as well as bulk bags that are sold in a number of sizes. Our product is manufactured, packed and delivered under strict quality standards as guided by ISO 900 food management system as well as Malawi Bureau of standards MS 209 and MS 202.


Brown sugar is a thicker grain sugar that is the first sugar product from the sugar making process. The sugar has an element of molasses and thus makes it appear brown in color. The molasses in brown sugar retains moisture; Therefore, using it will result in baked goods that are softer yet denser.


Dark Dem has a high quantity of molasses giving it a richer colour and flavour. The amount of molasses determines the colour, flavour, and moisture content of sugar. The molasses flavour in Dark Dem makes it suitable for use in gingerbread recipes, baked beans, and barbecued foods


We offer both brown and white sugar to our industrial customers who include drink manufactures, confectionery product manufacturers and Pharmaceuticals.


White sugar is a finer crystal sugar that is produced after the molasses is removed, hence being called refined due to its texture and bright white appearance. White sugar is easier to dissolve and also offers a slightly sweeter taste from that of brown sugar. White sugar is used in a number of baked goods that require adequate rising, such as meringues, mousses, soufflés, and fluffy baked goods.