Building Local Communities

We are creating value with communities by providing housing to over 4,500 families on our estates. The company also constructs and undertakes rehabilitation projects of classrooms, ablution facilities and teacher accommodation in support of these families. Over 13 500 pupils attend estate schools which receive comprehensive support from the company including provision of desks and learning materials. Illovo has been operating in Nchalo for 56 years and Dwangwa for 42 years and has been instrumental in the economic and social prosperity of both townships. This has provided employment and business opportunities for people from Chikwawa, Nkhotakota and other districts.

The company continues to look for other opportunities within its value chain to create economic and social advancement within the communities in which we operate.

Our Contribution to Healthcare

Healthcare is provided on the estates and both estates are staffed with full time qualified doctors, supported by registered nursing staff. Maternity care is an important part of the healthcare service offered by Illovo’s 8 clinics, whilst proactive programs to control malaria, bilharzia and HIV/AIDS feature amongst the other responsibilities carried out by the clinic’s staff. In healthcare alone,  the estate clinics treat on average of 25,000 patients each month covering both employees and members of the local communities. Anti-retroviral drugs are dispensed on behalf of the government through the clinic network. More recently, we supported our staff, their families and the surrounding communities with COVID-19 prevention initiatives.