The Estate Support Services led by the Estate Support Manager has the core function to ensure the best in class security and emergency response operations, medical services, community engagement activities and estate maintenance operations within the estate.


Estate Support Manager

Medical Services Manager

Estate Matron

Officer – Clinical Services

Officer – Clinical Services

Clinic Sister-In-Charge

Community Services Manager

Laboratory Officer

Security & Emergency Response Manager

Pharmacy Officer

Officer – Clinical Services

Nurse – Occupational Health

Estate Maintenance Co-Ordinator

Welfare Officer  

Medical Assistant 

Nurse Enrolled 

Security Inspector 

Security Supervisor  

Medical Assistant 

Environmental Assistant

Artisan – Refrigeration

Artisan – Technician


The SHERQ department core function is to implement the Illovo Way of SHERQ and Food Safety performance and related standards, systems, processes and applicable legislative/regulatory requirements. The department promotes a culture of continuous SHERQ and Food Safety improvement and adherence. It co-ordinates and facilitates the risk management processes to ensure estate risks are identified and mitigated. 


Sherq Manager

Sherq Officer

Quality Assurance Clerk 

Safety Assistant 

Quality Checker 

Co-Ordinator – Contractor Safety

Co-Ordinator – Safety (Shift)


The Finance Department operations headed by the Finance Manager, manages the business’ core accounting and transactional functions. It performs financial and operational analysis to enable strategic decision-making as well as ensures a consistent financial risk management approach across all finance functions by performing regular financial risk reviews. It also develops and maintains favourable stakeholder relationships, internally with business and externally with suppliers, customers and auditors. 


Finance Manager  

Financial Planner – Agriculture

Business Partner – Factory

Engineer – Information Technology

Financial Planner – Agriculture

Financial Planner – Factory

Business Partner – Agriculture

Officer – Information Technology

Financial Planner – Administration & Estate

Business Partner – Estate Support Services


The Agriculture department led by the Agriculture Head, is responsible in championing the “Illovo Way of Agriculture” through ongoing farming system modernization, capability building and performance optimization, to ensure Illovo becomes the best in class sugar producer in Malawi.


Agriculture Head 

Farm Manager

Irrigation Foreman – Electrical

Lead Surveyor 

Grower Support Manager

Crop Removal Manager

Farm Manager

Land Development Manager

Grower Support Manager

Irrigation Foreman – Civils

Irrigation Engineer

Analyst – Business Systems &  Planning

Crop Production Manager

Transport Workshop Foreman

Agricultural Optimisation Manager

Irrigation Foreman – Mechanical

Tractor & Field Services Manager

Agricultural Engineering Manager


Transport Workshop Manager

Grower Agriculture Manager



The Factory Department headed by the Factory Manager, ensures the highest quality products by leading and embedding the “Illovo Way in production”.  It also partners with finance to develop production budget and ensure production is managed within budget and achieves cost synergies as well as promote a culture of consistently assessing risks and drive continuous improvement throughout operations. It also follows and promotes SHERQ & Food Safety standards


Factory Manager 

Production Foreman – Generic

Warehouse Manager

Reliability Engineer – Optimisation

Process & Recoveries Engineer – Optimisation

Projects Engineer – Optimisation

Production Foreman – Generic

Factory Optimisation Engineer

Maintenance Manager

Factory Optimisation Manager

Maintenance Foreman – Generic

Factory Optimisation Engineer

Engineer – Mechanical

Production Team Lead

Laboratory Team Leader

Senior Transactional Buyer

Production Foreman – Generic

Warehouse Foreman

Maintenance Foreman – Generic

Operational Maintenance Foreman