Grower Relations

We are committed to ensuring that healthy grower relations are maintained at both our operational sites in Dwangwa and Nchalo with our cane growers to ensure the long term sustainability of their businesses as critical suppliers. We recognize the importance the cane growers play in long-term sustainability of our business and work closely with them in areas concerning extension services, supporting best farming practices, sharing in proceeds across Illovo product range (including specials and not only sucrose), concessional finance, developing and maintaining infra-structure (roads, irrigation, electricity, setting up access for them to Fair Trade, amongst others.

Managing Impact on the Environment

Existing cane fields and farming activities are managed according to modern field conservation guidelines while all new agricultural and factory projects undergo environmental impact assessments prior to commencement.  Our objectives are to ensure sustainable agricultural production with the least number of negative impacts on the environment, through equitable resource sharing with the Illovo community.